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by Stephanie Schorow

In the era of big hair, massive shoulder pads, Reaganomics and Madonna, four newspaper women are desperately seeking success. Maureen, Tina, Elektra, and Sarah bond over their love of newswriting and cats but learn female friendships can be as tricky to navigate as love affairs. When Sarah slips into unconsciousness after an accident, her friends resort to feline subterfuge to wake her from the state they call “cat dreaming.” Cat Dreaming: A Story of Friendships and Second Chances explores the events that brought the friends together and the changes that could pull them apart – unless they accept the faults in each other and in themselves.

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The Not So Nice Girl
by Skye McDonald
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We are looking for totally awesome manuscripts that take place in or about the Awesome 80s. Fiction or Non-Fiction.

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Friendship shouldn't be this hot!

Nice girls catch nice boys.

Eleanor Field wants to spend the summer of 1986 hanging out in Nashville. No drama, no dating. But then Eleanor walks into the local record shop, and he's behind the counter.

Being nice got him nowhere.

Sam Greene is newly graduated, newly single, and proud of both. He wants a summer of no worries. No more relationship drama. But then she walks into the local record shop.

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