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Submission Guideline:

Some of the information we require

•  Query Letter

•  Synopsis 

•  Author Biography

•  Marketing Plan  - Discuss your author platform, its scope, and ways in which you expect to reach potential reviewers and readers. Please provide links to your website, blog, podcast, social media, etc. Also, if you have access to special markets, audiences, or promotional opportunities for your book, then we would like to know about them.

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Please submit your query through the submission button above. This takes you to Brother Mockingbird submission page.  Please state this is a submission for Small Town Girl Publishing in your query. 

All edits should be in compliance with The Chicago Manual of Style.We require that your manuscript be professionally edited before you submit.

Each manuscript we are interested in will go through a review process in order to see if it meets our requirements. We will be in touch with the author as soon as we reach a decision. We try to respond to each and every query so if you have not heard from us in four months, please inquire about your submission.  

Please contact us if you wish to withdraw your submission or you have received a competing offer.


Take a journey to your favorite decade with Brother Mockingbird's new imprint. We are just a

We are looking for manuscripts that take place in or about the Awesome Eighties.
Fiction or Non-Fiction.

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