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Don and Ron are identical twins who have a passion for music.  Although they love many genres of music, they have a special place in their hearts for the fun, loud, fist-pumping hard rock and heavy metal music.  It started with their first Kiss album in grade school, followed by a love of AC/DC in middle school and then in high school and college they were cranking up Def Leppard, Dokken, Poison, Ratt, Warrant, Whitesnake and all of the other hard rock and "hair metal" bands.


They love to collect music and between them have well over 1000 CDs, vinyl albums, cassettes and yes, even a few 8-tracks.  They also love to attend concerts, from their first AC/DC concert in 1983 up to Dream Theater's latest tour in 2022.  For a while they hosted a hard rock/metal show on a local radio station and continue to bartend at a concert venue in town as a fun summer

Big Hair Trivia Book.jpg

job where they've worked since their college days.  They've also contributed to the well-known rock websites and where they’ve conducted artist interviews and written album reviews.  Over the years they've been lucky enough to meet some of their favorite musicians including Brett Michaels, Rik Emmett, Ronnie James Dio, Kip Winger, Jon Anderson, George Lynch, Geoff Tate, Joe Lynn Turner and many others.


Along with music, the twins enjoy playing and coaching soccer, working out, travelling, reading and writing.  They've penned several books and are excited for the release of their first published work The Biggest Big Hair Book of Metal Trivia: 1001 Questions To Bang Your Head To. The twins both have bachelor's degrees in mathematics and have worked in the fields of medical research, statistical programming and data analytics. Don loves spending time with his three great kids. Ron is married and has six wonderful children, three of whom are adopted. They love animals and have numerous pets including dogs, cats, bunnies, fish and a ferret and have never bitten the heads off of any of them.

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