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The Not So Nice Girl
by Skye McDonald


Friendship shouldn't be this hot!

Nice girls catch nice boys.

Eleanor Field wants to spend the summer of 1986 hanging out in Nashville. No drama, no dating. But then Eleanor walks into the local record shop, and he's behind the counter.

Being nice got him nowhere.

Sam Greene is newly graduated, newly single, and proud of both. He wants a summer of no worries. No more relationship drama. But then she walks into the local record shop.

What starts as a feisty romp in a listening booth quickly gets complicated. Despite the sizzling connection they share, neither is looking to start something they can't finish. But what happens when friendship lays the groundwork for love? Can a free spirit admit when she's found a home? Can a sweet guy be bold enough to say what he really wants? Or will their mutual baggage of rules and expectations stall them in the friend zone forever?

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Small Town Girl Publishing Author Events.png

• Tuesday, May 30, Book Launch and Signing, Word Bookstore,  Jersey    City, 7p.m.

•Thursday - Sunday, June 1 - 4, Author at Book Lover's Con Houston, Tx

•Saturday, July 8, Book Signing, Novelette Booksellers, 7PM - 8PM,


Nashville, TN


• Sunday, October 1, Brooklyn Book Festival, Borough Hall, 10a.m. - 6p.m.


October 6-7, Hopelessly Devoted Reader Convention, Ontario, CA

October 15, "Not Your Grandma's Romance" book talk and party with Melissa Grace and Novelette Booksellers at Vinyl Tap Bar



• October 21, Author and Book Fair, Roseland Library, Roseland, JJ


• November 12, Lady Jane Story Salon at Cat's Meow, Manheim, NJ

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